Multi-Shot Driving Range

The Multi Shot Golf Range Concept will change the way golfers use driving ranges.

The majority of golfers will take no notice of ball direction, where the ball lands or the distance the ball travels, choosing to repeatedly hit ball after ball with little consistency.

Our concept provides a unqiue dual fairway practice facility that stimulates the golfer by offering a multitude of shot options. The practice experience is enriched by encouraging golfers to target the elevated greens using a wide variety of clubs. This produces a high quality practice facility that enhances the golfing experience, which in turn increases the popularity and financial viability of the golf centre.

Who can benefit

from multi-shot driving range

Golf range owners and operators

Increase Driving Range Revenues

It is expected that the driving ranges that introduce the new Multi Shot Range concept will attract new customers and encourage range users to hit more club shots and therefore more balls, which will in turn increase the facility’s revenues.

Golf customers of all abilities

Attract a wider variety of golf clients

The unique features of a Multi Shot Range practice facility encourage golfers to target the greens using a variety of golf clubs and golf shots. This provides a more rounded practice experience that will improve all areas of a golfer’s game.

The multi shot options will be a favourite with golfers of all abilities and practice regimes.

PGA teaching staff

Increase professional teaching fees

A Multi Shot Range driving centre offers teaching professionals a variety of strategically located target greens for their students to aim at. The concept aims to replicate features found on the golf course, which can help with shot recognition and club selection.

Once the concept is introduced to a driving range, the teaching professionals can experience an influx of new golfers booking coaching sessions.

Grounds Staff

Ease of Range and Course Maintenance

The fundamental design behind the MSR is its tiered range. This enables surface water, aided by a sub-surface drainage system, to disperse quickly.

Maintaining the range outfield and ball collection will also become much easier and quicker for the grounds staff thanks to the innovative landscaping of the Multi Shot Range design.

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